Toy Box Seat

A toy box seat is ideal if you are short on space. The toy box doubles up as a spot for your little girl or boy to sit on whilst they get dressed or play at dressing up games. Children’s bedrooms are usually quite small, so having children’s furniture that doubles up as toy storage is ideal for when space is at a premium.

Toy Box Seats in Children’s Furniture

Children’s furniture comes in more forms than just a toy box seat whether you are looking for a toy box for a girl or a toy box for a boy. Toy chests can come built into other pieces of children’s furniture such as nursery shelving units with a toy box in the bottom. Children’s furniture often comes with space for toy boxes, drawers for children’s arts and crafts, or even extra space for children’s clothing, shelving units for children’s books and school supplies.

toy box seat  

Sunny Safari Children’s Wooden Toy Box Seattoy box seat

toy box seat  

Children’s Cake Shop Toy Box Seattoy box seat

toy box seat  

Children’s Wooden Toy Box Seat with Paddingtoy box seat